What is the purpose of using air doctor purifier?

At present, there was a massive increase in air pollution levels. Both indoor and outdoor will be affected due to air pollution. This may lead to some major health problems. According to some research indoor pollution will be five times higher than the outdoor pollution. Because the indoor air will be not be circulated as much as outdoor air so airborne pollutants will stay inside. To overcome this problem you can go for airdoctor 5000 air purifier.

The best air purifier will eliminate the air pollutants inside the room. In this article we can have a discussion about the benefits of air doctor and which is the best one.

How air purifier help to overcome the health problems?

Here are some of the benefits of air doctor,

Nowadays for every 12 people one was affected with asthma. If you have any pets like dog or cat due to their shedding of hair you may affected with asthma. If you don’t have pets then dust mites and pollen will cause asthma. So efficient air purifier will eliminate all the dust particles inside the room.

If your house was located in busy areas then there will be high flow of vehicles. Due to the emission of fuel some gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide will enter into your house. Those gases will lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases. For this situation you must need air purifier with activated carbon. That will eliminate the hazardous chemicals.

The odors caused by paint, furniture, from spray or any freshener are called as volatile organic compounds. These odors can cause nausea, breathlessness or some breathing problems. So air purifier with HEPA options will trap all the unwanted odors in your indoors.

What are the types of air purifiers?

Air doctor will works with filters and fans. The fan sucks the outside air and passes it to the filter. The filter will trap all the hazardous particles and gases. After filtering the fresh air will be emitted. Here are some types of air doctor 5000 air purifier;

HEPA filters: The purifier with HEPA filters can absorb particles even if they were 0.3 microns in size. These particles will not be visible for humans.

Activated carbon: This filter will control only unwanted odors. Hazardous chemicals or gases will not be trapped with the help of this filter.

Electrostatic precipitators: Usually this filter won’t be recommended because it should be charged often so the maintenance cost will be high. Also it emits ozone relative gas. Those gases will affect your lungs.

UV light purifier: This will help to kill the germs available in the air. While buying you need to make sure that it should not release ozone.

Ozone generator: These types of filters are commonly used in large areas like hotels or some halls. Because this filter will control heavy odors. This won’t be suited for small room.

These are some basic reviews about air purifiers. Also while buying have an expert idea about the best one.