Tragic Shipwreck Exemplifies the Consequences of Europe’s Migration Policies

A recent maritime disaster serves as a grim illustration of the heartrending consequences of Europe’s migration policies. The echoes of one of the deadliest shipwrecks in recent history had barely faded when, just this week, another tragic shipwreck occurred off the Italian coast, leaving 41 migrants feared dead.Survivors of this catastrophe, a mere fraction of…

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A subtle strain of climate denial is quietly gaining traction within the ranks of the Republican Party.

During a recent oversight hearing in July, Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania directed pointed questions at US climate envoy John Kerry. Ignoring the undeniable reality of the country’s ongoing struggle with recurring heatwaves, rampant fires, and an impending hurricane season, Perry accused Kerry of advocating for a preposterous “quadrillion-dollar” charge to taxpayers for a problem…

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Unusual Hurricane Season Taking an Unpredictable Turn

With ocean temperatures reaching record highs, the 2023 hurricane season was anticipated to be a tumultuous one. Hot waters serve as the energy source for tropical cyclones such as hurricanes and typhoons, and the elevated temperatures have led meteorologists to revise their forecasts upward, anticipating more intense tropical storms worldwide.The Atlantic Ocean’s water temperatures have…

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